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Welcome to MEMeet 2013



MEMeet 2013, the third international symposium as far as Medical Engineering applied to minimally invasive surgery is concerned, will be held on the 18th October in Cáceres (Spain), organized by the Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre Jesus Uson (MISCJU), with the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Laparoscopic Surgery (SECLA).


Coinciding with the celebration of the 2º Simposio Nacional de Actualización en Formación de Cirugía Laparoscópica y Robótica en el Ámbito Multidisciplinario and keeping the same format as last edition MEMeet2009, invited speakers will explain the last reached advances and the future fields of medical engineering application. They will also put forward their researches during the symposium, as well as workshops related to the subject matter of the day will take place.


This third edition carries on the previous editions philosophy. Its aim is to create a common space where engineering, medicine and the business area will gather in order to look for common solutions to answer the increasing needs of the sector.


The topics of this edition will be focused on the fields of Robotics and Computer Vision applied to Laparoscopy.